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 The 100th birthday of cinema was in 1995.
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  History of Cinematography

The history of film starts … when exactly? The history of moving images goes back to more than one thousand years, but man's eternal dream of depicting movement and preserving time must originate from the first campfires of humanity.

December 28th 1895 can be considered the birthday of projected film presented in a theater. It was then that Antoine Lumiére from Lyon, the director of a plant producing film materials and the father of August and Louis Lumiére, hosted in the Grand Café of Paris a show of living pictures. It was shot by cameras that his sons had developed, and presented with projectors they had constructed. It was the first time the term 'cinématographe' was used, formed of the Greek words 'kinéma' (movement) and 'graphein' (to write, to draw, to inscribe). Among those invited was also the director of the Houdini Theater, the master illusionist Georges Méliès.


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