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"I got an idea! Let's have soupe de pommes de terre."

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  Idea, Concept

Filmmaking can be roughly divided into a three-phase process, preceded by a creation phase. First, before pre-production, there is the idea or the concept, starting point or vision for the production. It is adapted into a screenplay. This phase is synthetic: tiny pieces and details of real life are formed into an entity.

A beginning scriptwriter should remember that there is no "original idea". Almost everything has already been invented. The so-called idea is only a starting point, an inspiration to start the actual creative work: Idea is written into a synopsis.

Film stories are all about how creatively and freshly "the same old story" can be told over and over again. Cf. the hero's journey.

Cf. Creation and Orson Welles and the use of deep focus in film expression.


David Siegel: The Nine-Act Structure Home Page. [www.dsiegel.com/film/Film_home.html]


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