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"I Married Massey Ferguson" is  a comedy from South-Petonia full of life and attitude

 "I'm plowing the field only in the first act, since I will soon
 accidentally meet the producer Massey Ferguson played by
 Richard Gere. He fancies me and takes me to Hollywood in the
 second act, but I return home for  the last act or the harvest time,
 since it's the real life."
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According to Aristotle, comedy attempts to present people as worse than they actually are, contrary to tragedy that aims to the opposite: to present people as better than in reality.

In comedy "the prince turns out to be a swineherd", but in a serious drama "the swineherd turns out to be a prince".

As the film progresses tension arises making the viewer attentive: The viewer is anxious about what will happen to the character next.

The tension is released in a different manner in a comedy and in a serious drama.

  1. In a comedy the character suddenly loses his dignity: this leads to the viewer laughing or smiling at the turn.

  2. In a serious drama the character's dignity is preserved and not lost. The tension is released by other means.

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