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Costumes, scenography, shooting, screenplay, direction, makeup etc. all support the creativity of the actor.

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A wavering, flexible term that is often used to mystify art and artists. Traditionally creativity is considered a permanent quality of a person, an 'inborn ability', but according to modern cognitive view, creativity (and intellect) are more connected to social skills and capability of learning. See cognitive psychology.

Creativity can be defined in various ways, but in the film expression the emphasis is on talent: even producing ideas can be learned. Film creativity can be understood as a talent, a quality or ability, using which the absorbed knowledge, as well as personal feelings and experiences, can be turned into a product such as a filmi.

There is a considerable dilemma concerning creativity in the professions of film industry: Which film professions are creative and which are not?

Cf. brainstorming, idea.


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