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A clear vision helps to tell a story

 "This could make a great film: There's a girl, summer and a scooter."
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A vision of a circumstance, based on which a film can be produced (created, made, realized). The importance of the vision is emphasized since film production is a very technical process.

Film production can be roughly divided into three phases:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Shooting, or the actual production
  3. Post-production

A clear vision helps the production crew tell the viewer the story of the film without getting lost in the numerous technical details involved in the production.

First, before pre-production, there has to be an idea, starting point or vision. The author (scriptwriter or director) should conceptualize his vision as early as possible and shape it into a sentence or sentences. The conceptualized vision is turned into a screenplay or a plan for the film. This phase preceding the production is synthetic: tiny pieces and details of real life are formed into an entity.

Cf. Idea, screenplay


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