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Entrance of the cinema theatre

  The entrance of "Diana" in Helsinki
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  Movie Theater

On December 28, 1895 in Grand Café, Paris, Antoine Lumière hosted the first show of moving pictures in the history, presented by the projector developed by his sons August and Louis Lumière. After a hundred years, a movie theater is still, according to many, the one and only place to see films.

In movie theaters, the film is presented by projecting the pictures of a film with a projector's light and objective onto a light surface, usually a screen made for this purpose.

A modern movie theater is a hall that can be dimmed, it has air-conditioning and it is furnished with comfortable seats and has high-level sound and picture equipment. This ensures the best possible way of seeing the film.

The modern movie theaters are often so called multiplex theaters with several screens (a multiplex movie theater has more than five screens).

Lately a lot of attention has been paid to the quality of viewing films. Especially the stereophonic Dolby sound has raised the meaning of sound to a different level altogether. It has also made watching films a more comprehensive experience. Also the THX rating has made possible an internationally homogenous, high level performance.

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