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Critique is based on knowledge of cinematography.

 Critique: Can films be placed into order of excellence?
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Review is a critique on a film. Review is not only stating opinions, it is a well-founded personal view of the film. It should ideally be based on independent thinking and knowledge on the ways of expression and traditions used in films. The importance of knowledge and expertise are emphasized in a review: without knowledge there is no well-founded criticism.

Constructive criticism is interactivity between the author and the critic. Mere observation of invalid arguments and finding faults in the film are not enough and do not develop film culture; one must be able to present alternative solutions.

Self-knowledge and self-criticism are important in critique. One has to acknowledge one's own desires and values and only then categorize films by their value. It is, of course, worth deep reasoning to ask oneself, whether it can even be possible to place films in order, as far as criticism is concerned.

Critical reviewing of films can also be understood as a form of logic, attempting to approach the "faults" presented in a viewer's everyday thinking. A viewer enjoying the film does not need to pay attention to the richness, haziness, creativity, ambiguousness and symbolism of the language and ways of expression of the film he or she is watching. The viewer is satisfied with the experience and pleasure. It is up to the critic to trace the logical reasons for this pleasure (or the lack of it).


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