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Actors are chosen by casting

 The actors for the film "Mosku" are chosen in casting.
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Before the shooting, actors are chosen to the film roles and as extras. Often this includes screen tests and interviews.

The actors are usually chosen for their roles based on their physical attributes and professional skill, but also marketing factors have a role in casting. The most important roles are usually filled with popular actors, so that the film will be successful and get the needed profit.

The protagonist or the main character is usually one that the viewers can easily identify with, and who has previously had similar roles.

The antagonists are usually chosen among actors with theatrical merit, who are capable of versatile interpretation of the villain of the story. According to many actors, it is especially interesting and challenging to play the antagonist.

For example, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford are typical "fair and square" men and fit to play the main characters in films targeted to the large audience. In Finland, such men have often been played by Tapio Rautavaara, Martti Suosalo and Kari Väänänen.


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