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The New Adventures of the Kiljunen Family, storyboard art by Kari Sohlberg

 The New Adventures of the Kiljunen Family.
 An excerpt from the storyboard
 © Kari Sohlberg

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Storyboard is a visual or written account of what kind of visual images will be used in the film. The written form usually includes the ratio, characters in the shot, duration of the shot and a brief account of what is happening in the shot.

In the visual form, or in storyboard, the shots of the film are presented in a cartoon-like manner so that even the movement happening in the shot is somehow visualized.

A storyboard artist is an artist, whose job is to make the storyboard according to the directions from the script and the director/producer.

Storyboard is based on the screenplay and its basic idea is that already before the shooting the main lines of the film are planned, the details that will be brought up are decided, and the duration of each sequence is estimated.


Juha Vanhanen: Storyboard drafts for the Touch. [www.mlab.uiah.fi/touch/touchstoryboard.html]

Famous Frames, Inc.[www.famousframes.com]
"Represents a wide variety of artists who specialize in storyboards, comps, animatics and illustrations for advertising, film, television and multimedia projects."

Illustrator Ulrich Zeidler [www.ulrichzeidler.com]

Josh Sheppard's Storyboard site [www.thestoryboardartist.com]
"This site showcases my storyboard work in Television Commercials, Films, and Music Videos. There is alot of artwork here, and I update frequently with new work, so please click below to see my samples


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