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Good research made in pre-production pays-off in production.

 The location scouting for the film is an arduous and
 invisible part of the production.
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  Research, background work, scouting

Research is a broad general term covering many activities before the actual production in film, television or video projects. A research or a background work well done is an essential part of a successful documentary or fiction film project. A successful background work creates opportunities for the fluency of the actual production.

During the background work of a documentary film one attempts to familiarize with the subject as well as possible, so that a preliminary script can be written for the shooting. Without proper research and scouting it is quite difficult to realize the shooting of a documentary film within schedule, and it is easy to drift into expensive extra shootings. Thus the background work gives a good idea on the actual work and tasks to be done.

In fiction films the background work is emphasized during the phases of creating and outlining the screenplay. For example, the historical details, events, places etc must be checked in order to present a believable idea of the timesi.

Besides the above mentioned facts, each crew member having any artistic or productional responsibility will have to prepare his or her own research or scouting before each production phase.


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