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The production secretary

 The production secretary takes part in the production 
 in various ways.
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  Production assistant

The right hand of the production coordinator, realizing the orders given by the production coordinator and the production manager.

The production assistant (or the director's assistant) prepares the shooting schedules before the shooting and contacts the film crew, actors and extras. He or she also makes sure that the required props and sets are in order well in time for the shooting. The production assistant can also take part in finding the actors and extras (casting).

During the shooting the production assistant (or director's assistant) prepares the shooting reports for the producer, uses the clapperboard and observes the continuity.

The production assistant watches the work time and directs the extras in their jobs. After the shooting he or she checks the work print (dailies) and in television productions, takes care of the required paperwork.

Depending on the size of the work group, the tasks of production assistant may be divided between the director's assistant (continuity), production manager and assistant director.

The production assistant works mostly in cooperation with the rest of the crew, but the work also includes solitary plodding such as paying fees, writing reports etc.

The production secretary also has connections outside of the crew: he or she takes care of arranging sets for the shooting etc. Working surroundings vary greatly according to the subject of shooting, so he or she may also have to work outdoors.


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