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Assistant director keeps the production going

 Assistant director keeps the production going.
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  Assistant director

  • director's right hand
  • director's and production manager's intermediary (can sometimes in smaller productions act as production manager)
  • is responsible for the extras
  • keeps the production going
  • is responsible for notifying stars when they're needed
  • gives the time the shooting starts the next day
  • takes care that all the needed people and equipment are in the right place at the right time
  • takes care of discipline and order on the set
  • before a take calls "Silence!" and tells the cameraman to start the camera
  • gets familiar with the screenplay before starting the production
  • prepares the production board
  • counts the extras needed for each scene and hires them with the approval of the director and the production manager
  • is responsible for preparing the schedule, is aware of all possible limitations and other factors concerning the schedule
  • directs extras and action on the background of the scene, always beside the camera


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