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Epoch is a historical period.

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Epoch is a historical period. The art and film of each era interpret epochs differently. For example, the film "A Respectable Tragedy" ("Säädyllinen murhenäytelmä") is set in Helsinki in the 1930's. The scenographer of the film, Kati Ilmaranta, says that nowadays the epoch can well be approached from the author's own point of view. It is not required to set a historically exact period for the film, instead, the most important thing is the contemporary viewer's image of the epoch in question.

This kind of free approach into an epoch can also be detected in the film "Ambush" ("Rukajärven tie"). The weaponry of the reconnaissance party does not correspond to actual weaponry of a reconnaissance party of the early Continuation War, even though the weapons are from the early 1940's. But it is a film and not history learning material. The film Lieutenant Perkoila's historical model, reserve Major Pentti Perttuli commented in the weekly Nyt-magazine ["Now"] on the relationship between the historical truth of the Continuation War and the film in question: "-- -- but wasn't it great when Kari Heiskanen shot one-handed with an 'emma'."


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