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Three act model: The beginning

 Three act model: The beginning.
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The Beginning

In the beginning of the film the story is triggered off by presenting the crucial conflict. This is also called a start-up sequence. In the beginning, also the most important characters are presented -- through which the action takes place -- as well as the setting (environments).

The beginning can in all simplicity be gripping, when utilizing the possibilities of the genres. For example, the "Once upon a time -- --" of fairytales functions well as an impetus to the story: The listener enters into the spirit of the fairytale atmosphere and excitement, just having heard these few words.

In film structure the beginning can also mean the first act of a three-act film, usually being about 1/4 of the duration of the entire film.

See the chart on the structure of film:
"beginning - middle - end"

Cf. Start-up sequence.


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