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The dramaturgic model of a film by Ola Olsson

 The dramaturgic model of film (Ola Olsson): Start-up.
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  Start-up sequence

The start-up sequence begins the story of the film. Its function is to arouse the viewer's interest and give a promise of the film being worth watching. The start-up sequence can be very short or it can last for a few scenes. Most often the basic conflict of the film is presented in the start-up sequence. For example, in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" : In the beginning of the play there is a big fight in the village between the servants of the Capulets and those of the Montagues. The hatred based on vendetta between the two families is presented right away.

According to the Swedish film dramaturgist Ola Olsson, the drama structure of a fiction film has six parts:

  • start-up sequence
  • presentation
  • amplifying
  • culmination of conflicts (acceleration)
  • resolution
  • fade out

Olsson's model applies to both three act model and to classic drama model.

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