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Model of a classic drama by Freytag

 Model of classic drama: Presentation in the beginning of the film.
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  Exposition, presentation

In the structure of a film, the presentation phase begins after a short start-up sequence and it is a part of the first act. The object of the presentation is to familiarize the viewer to the characters and scenes of the film.

The most important thing is identifying with the protagonist and his or her goals, which makes the story of the film more intimate.

Dramaturgically, the presentation is a rather difficult phase, since you need to present the required background information dramatically before you can start the actual story (adventure). You have to tell what is absolutely required - but that's it!

According to the Swedish film dramaturgist Ola Olsson, the drama structure of a fiction film has six parts:

  • start-up sequence
  • presentation
  • amplifying
  • culmination of conflicts (acceleration)
  • resolution
  • fade out

Compare Olsson's division and Freytag's curve on the left.


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