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To take or not to take?


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The plot tells the story of the film. The same story can be told through many different plots. The plot is action, a series of events, taking us from the beginning of the film through the middle to the end.

The scriptwriter must keep the plot in his mind all along. Each sentence should forward the plot. It is recommended to grasp the plot as soon as possible, already at the start-up sequence. You can scatter descriptions of the setting and go deeper into the characters along the way.

The plot should not be too easily guessed. The viewer is pleased when the film presents a surprise. One limiting factor is worth remembering: the inner logic of the story, created by genre, setting and characters. The events cannot turn into something not fitting to the inner logic of the film.


You can search for plots in The Internet Movie Database. Try [www.imdb.org]
"Search the database for", choose "Plots".


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