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Structure: Heating up

 The dramaturgic model of film: Acceleration.
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  Heating up, clashing, acceleration, falling action

The acceleration of a film usually starts after the midpoint, or it is about the latter part of the second act in a three-act film. Acceleration is also equivalent to the descending action of a classical play. During acceleration the conflict culminates and the protagonist approaches the inevitable, or the resolution to the story.

The route from acceleration to resolution goes through a plot point, which has a descriptive name "the point of no return".

In a comedy things are getting better after "the point of no return". In a tragedy the things get worse, and there is no returning to the past.

According to the Swedish film dramaturgist Ola Olsson, the drama structure of a fiction film has six parts:

  • start-up sequence
  • presentation
  • amplifying
  • culmination of conflicts (acceleration)
  • resolution
  • fade out


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