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Conflicts are introduced in the beginning.

 A Film usually includes a conflict.
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Confrontation, conflict

In the film, there is a conflict in the drama between the characters, or between the characters and the surroundings, towards the resolution of which the action of the film is targeted. The conflict is not necessarily physical or violent; it can also be a clash of desires and aspirations of the characters of the film.

A film usually includes a conflict or conflicts; one can even claim that a film has to have a confrontation. The story of the film deals with this basic conflict, and the main clause formulated by the author is the solution to it. This begets tension to the film, and the viewer is not bored. The conflict has to be productive, feasible.

Sometimes the scriptwriter has to look for conflicts that are only structural. The scriptwriter must always find something of interest to the viewers that can be formulated into a conflict.



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