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Content needs form and structure.

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The content of the film means the skill of setting the limits. The film emphasizes that which is essential in the story, and it ensures that the viewer understands the crucial content. The crucial content can also be called the message of the film.

Olli Saarela's "Ambush" ("Rukajärven tie") does not tell everything about the Continuation War, but outlining the content a lot can be told about the war, about love and human suffering.

Also Joona Tena's "Escort" ("Saattajat") defines its content into a sniper's and a little girl's journey in the midst of the war.


Olli Saarela: The Ambush (Rukajärven tie)

Joona Tena: The Escort (Saattajat) [www.cinergia.com]


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