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a synopsis is a draft

 Having read the synopsis, producer Matila
 immediately called screenwriter Viikari.
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  Synopsis, draft

A synopsis is a summary of the contents of the film. It is a kind of sketch: a paper that reveals the contents and form of the film or program. The reader can also get an idea of the film's approach and style. Usually the synopsis is followed by a treatment.

First of all, the purpose of the synopsis is to sum up the series of events, the story. The synopsis of a drama is a summary of the function of the film. Further, the synopsis can tell about the characters and the crucial conflict.

The synopsis does not present visual or otherwise detailed solutions. They would only restrict the following writing process. A synopsis is important to the financier, the producer, the actual work group and the scriptwriter himself.

A synopsis is a good phase in screenwriting, since the entity is not yet covered up with details. The crucial idea, the fundamental conflict and the structure can be clearly identified.


Ville Suhonen - Hannu Tuomainen: Poika ja Ilves -synopsis.


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