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Films for children have lots of action.

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Film is action, drama, imitating real life. The action of a film is usually depicted by a plot. Usually it deals with the protagonist or the hero of the film striving towards a goal, the resolution of the film. A character called antagonist hinders the protagonist's action. The action in the film results from this conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist.

Syd Field has remarked, "Action is character". This means that the action of the film is realized through the characters, between them and within them, so the characters must be active or capable of action.

It is important what the characters do in the film, not what they speak or say. The viewer assesses the characters of the film based on the actions, the activity. That is why we can feel sympathetic even towards a ruthless killer, when he helps a small, helpless orphan girl, as is the case in Tena's 'Saattajat'.


Joona Tena: Saattajat (in Finnish) [www.cinergia.com/Saatscript.htm]


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