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An international 8-step system based on human proportions

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  Shot abbreviations

An international 8-step system based on human proportions, making the framing easier.

Some of typical shot abbreviations used in a script:

  • Extreme Long Shot ELS (General view GV)
  • Very long Shot VLS
  • Full Shot FS (Long shot LS)
  • Long Medium Shot LMS (MLS)
  • Medium Shot MS
  • Medium Close-Up MCU (MCS)
  • Close-Up CU (CS)
  • Extreme Close-Up ECU (XCU, BCU)

Shooting other than people is usually restricted to ELS, MS and CU. Framing is then defined case by case.

Sometimes a simpler 5-step ratio is used, omitting LS, LMS and MCU.


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