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Lighting a shot

 Lighting the shot.
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  1. Technical lighting: Light is needed for the film to be exposed. It is also needed for the functioning of the video camera. A camera requires a certain amount of lighting.

  2. Narrative lighting: Creating impressions and giving meaning to the set. Light and shadows are used to create an atmosphere of materials, surfaces, space and objects as well as of the time of day.

Hierarchy of lighting:

  • There is enough light.
  • Light as a shaping element.
  • Light as an expressive element.
  • Light as a narrative element (continuity).

Objects of lighting:

  • Atmosphere of the scene.
  • Setting the time of day.
  • Drawing attention to the central subject (visuality).
  • Creating perspective.
  • Artistic composition: harmony between the elements and action of the picture, visuality and author's vision.


Theatre Academy, Dept. of lighting and sound design:

HyperPhysics: Light and Vision


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