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Sound vibrations travel through the air.

 Sound is vibrations traveling through air or another medium.
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Sound is vibrations, which travel through the air (about 330 m/s) or another medium and are usually sensed by the ear. Sound can be recorded electrically using a microphone and various (mostly magnetic) recording methods.

Recording methods

  • tape recorder,or analog tape recorder (Nagra) and
  • DAT recorder,or digital recorder using a small DAT cassette.

The sound narration in cinematography is based on

These four elements can

  • be heard at the same time
  • occur alternately
  • be synchronized with one another or, for example, with movement, image or light.

Listening is not automatic, it requires learning. Besides music, you can learn to listen to other forms of narration.

The elements of sound narration explain or complement each other when heard together. Heard together, they produce meanings other than when heard separately. Speech together with music provides an effect different from speech or music alone. Different sounds synchronized with an image produce very different effects when interpreting the image.


HyperPhysics: Sound and Hearing


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