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Making sound effects needs more creative thinking than money.

 Sound effects don't require expensive solutions.
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  Sound effect

Sound effects include artificial or natural sounds excepting speech and music. For example, the sounds of a car crash, saloon fight, avalanche or Martian invasion are realized using sound effects.

The sound effects describe the source of sound so that it can be identified. Human ability to discern various sounds is not very accurate. Listening and understanding what is heard has to be learned. That is why you can also train your hearing: a good musician can discern an instrument that is out of tune, an experienced bird watcher recognizes various species of birds.

As far as film expression is concerned, the inaccuracy of hearing is an advantage, since the viewer has to complement his or her inaccurate hearing with images based on experience. For example, the effects of horror films are completed in the viewer's imagination, drawing their effect from the viewer's own fears. The result is all the more horrifying.


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