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A Clapperboard is a tool for continuity.

 Production assistant checks the continuity.
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Visual or sound element binding shots or scenes to each other.

In film editing, continuity is mostly dictated by general physical qualifiers such as

  • the position of the actors and their movement in space in relation to one another,
  • physical actions in relation to the cuts and
  • the dramaturgical continuity in relation to the plot/story.

The illusion of continuity is usually shattered when the above-mentioned details are not paid enough attention to (or it is intentionally neglected).

On the other hand, the material may have no other possibility than to deviate from the general continuity. This kind of "errors" come, for example, when

  • the position of actors changes from one shot to another
  • the costumes change within a scene
  • the time of day changes etc.

You can become familiar with these errors in, for example, Ed Wood's films that are known for several (unintentional) continuity problems.


Edward D. Wood Jr: Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958).


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