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Music is essential element of a film.

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A piece of music heard in a film or a video.

Film music started interesting the audience in the 1930's and it soon became an important part of film expression. A so-called mood technique was developed in film music, with the composers emphasizing the message in different sequences using the kind of music that would supposedly fit the mood. Even today, most film music scores are based on mood technique.

With it, music has acquired three special functions:

  1. Music functions as paraphrase or adaptation: different characters in the film are given a musical theme characterizing them. The danger with such adaptations is falling into formalism.

  2. In ambiguous scenes music also polarizes the viewer's interest into a specific event or character on the screen. In its simplest form, polarization is a forewarning of what is about to happen in the film.

  3. Film music functions as a counterpoint, as an opposite to the image content of the film. The counterpoint technique was developed when the effectiveness of silence was discovered in films.


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