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The CinemaSense production crew takes lessons in Sign Language

 It is efficient to do group work in film studies.

Information on the studies
What is CinemaSense?

CinemaSense is net-based study material. It is designed to support both distance learning and on location instruction of Cinematography. CinemaSense is meant to help the student to:

  1. understand the social nature and group work quality of cinematography
  2. understand the stages of film production
  3. internalize the basic concepts of film production
  4. prepare for the entrance exams of educational institutions in the industry
  5. get through basic film studies already before the actual studies begin
  6. create contacts with students in the industry
  7. create connections to professionals and companies in the industry

CinemaSense is a portal. Through it you have access to various film related services and data files, which are in the net.

CinemaSense is interactive. The feedback is taken into consideration when updating, releasing new articles or developing the user interface.

CinemaSense is multicultural and multilingual. It offers an opportunity for easy interactive studying between various cultural groups.

How to study in CinemaSense?

CinemaSense functions best as study support for a decentralized group. The group members may be enrolled in different educational institutions. During the distance learning phase the students are directed by a tutor who supports and encourages the work. FLE 2 - Future Learning Environment is an intrinsic part of CinemaSense.

The studies are conducted by

  1. getting the material through CinemaSense
  2. the actual studying will be done in FLE according to ways agreed upon within the group, as directed by the tutor

CinemaSense can also be used in independent distance learning, but it functions best when used in a distance learning group.

Information on distance learning

CinemaSense users can be, for example

  • Sign Language using Deaf who also master the Finnish language
  • High school students aiming to study cinematography in educational institutions
  • Immigrants studying Finnish
  • Exchange students in colleges of art
  • Students, who are not able to take part in on location instruction for an acute reason

The best way to become a CinemaSense student is through starting a group through one's own educational institution and agreeing on the study credits.

Individual distance learning students are free to use the CinemaSense material, but you can only have access to the group work tools (FLE) through an educational institution, using user identifiers.


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