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How To Learn

One teacher asked a group of fourth-grade pupils how they learned to ride a bike. There were some differences of opinions among the pupils, but they were agreed on three things:

  1. You've got to really want to.
  2. You've got to keep trying even when you aren't successful.
  3. You've got to fall down a lot.

These are essentials of learning any process, and they illustrate the need for risk taking and functional practice. To learn to ride a bike you have to be on a bicycle trying to make it go someplace. You've got to do it a lot to get really good at it, and you've got to be willing to make the mistakes that make you fall off but eventually you get to the point at which you're an effective, efficient bike rider who only falls when you take new risks.

Vaihda "to ride a bike" tilalle "to make a movie" jne. - saat kattavan ohjeen siitä mitä elokuvailmaisun opiskelu vaatii ja miten se onnistuu.

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